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I accept Advance Review Copies from publishers. However, I do not endorse preferential treatment. I will only provide coverage of a certain title or author because of genuine interest, not because I feel obligated to a publisher or author. Simply put, this blog is a place for those who love reading books, watching movies and T.V. and want to share their thoughts and experiences about those same books & authors and things that I am passionate about.

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First and foremost this blog is for book readers. As a help to my fellow readers this blog can be used to rate and discuss a vast assortment of non-genre specific speculative fiction. My rating system is as follows:

1/5:  A terrible book, with a bad plot and poor presentation.
2/5: A disappointing book. There are better books out there to read.
3/5: An average book, the kind you check out from the library.
4/5: A good book. You may consider buying this one.
5/5: An excellent book. The book was so good that you simply must buy it!

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This website is log of my personal opinions mainly about books, movies, and TV programs. It is not a final archive of my writing or a sponsored publication. But that does not mean that the content hereon has not been rigorously produced in most cases at varying lengths of solitude at the expense of my family and friends while I am glued to a book or laptop.  These ideas and thoughts are only important to me. It is essentially as it came from my brain: spontaneous, un-proofed, unrevised, and corrected afterward only when necessary to address mistakes that grossly affect the intent. Where such changes have been made they will be explicitly marked. It would be distinctly unwise – not to mention unkind – to try to connect the words and actions with my blog and with my physical life and work as unsavory as either might be. My attitude, my reaction to comments by others, my opinion on the grade of your book (good or bad), the length and tone of my discussion in my review of said book, the time it took for me to return your letter or email, and the quality and quantity of my response to you in any medium are probably not tied to anything you read here, at least not in a way that you will be able to confidently assume without sharing years of psychotherapy with me and the bills that come with it.

The Opinions, characterizations, dramatizations on this web blog are my own and represent no one else aside from links to other blogging sites, stores, videos and various other urls. These opinions do not represent the State of Pennsylvania, the United States, Earth, my family, my friends, my children, my wonderful girlfriend whose opinion matters to me above all else and even if it does not I am forced to abide to due to powerful electrodes she has mysteriously surgically installed on my person at an unknown time that emit high voltages of current if I do not, my ex-wife, the women I want and can’t have, the women I’ve had and shouldn’t have wanted, or a constant, coherent and consistent philosophy or aesthetic. The words hereon reflect a brief and momentary recording of my thoughts on various things that a lot of people won’t even care about. I do however encourage people to read the books that I do (because they are good), watch the movies I do (because you won’t find a review on here of one I did not like), and reply with your thoughts and observations because in the end, that is why I started this blog.