Monday, July 2, 2012

The Fantasy Tavern is NOW open for business!

Good morning all! Today I need a virtual paperboy to stand on the street corner and hawk the latest news. A little while back, a long time fellow blogging buddy of mine (Ross from Cursed Armada), contacted me about starting up a Fantasy Fan based Facebook page to share all the things we weren't getting to discuss on our own individual blogs and to hopefully reach a bigger fan base to really get people talking about the things we have been enjoying for years and years. From the moment he mentioned it, I have been very excited about this project! Blogger has been a great tool for me to share my thoughts on some of the books I read, but I don't think I reach very many people, I read slow and thoroughly and that leaves big gaps in the frequency of my posts. For me personally (for the present time), I am still going to post my reviews to the various books I read here on Writing Ex Libris. I will be linking to these reviews on the The Fantasy Tavern, and hope to generate lots of good talk about them and many, many more things over there.
I spend a large amount of time reading some very well put together reviews on some very well put together blogs. We would like to help get these great blogs more exposure and I think I can help a little with The Fantasy Tavern being a meeting place to bring all these reviews together for people to read and hopefully discuss to some degree.

AND THAT'S NOT ALL!!! Along with all the latest in upcoming books, reviews and great discussion, we are posting about all things fantasy related! Authors, bloggers, book reviews, comics, movies, games (board and console), tattoos and many, many more realms of the fantasy universe. So stop on by, we have a few things up already with a whole bunch more on the way. So go on over and "Like" our page and comment on anything that catches your eye. Then go spread the word about two sellswords starting a virtual bar on Facebook! Were not only going from coast to coast here people. We are talking about massing the world over!

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  1. Just saw the mention of "The Dark Crystal" on the Tavern. Not in a place to comment there (stupid IT rules). But it definitely bears a comment back. YES! Great movie. I think you said it best: "classic".