About me

I am a self proclaimed, self taught, self indulged and very selfish bibliophile. You see, I was born a natural escapist, always finding ways out of the confines of my crib to explore everything that was magic and fantastical. Through books I have seen mystical places, fought and died with heroes, and fell in love with so many beautiful women. Undoubtedly, beyond personal experiences, books have made and molded me into the person that I am today. I pick up a book to get away, to explore something else, to see new things from other peoples perspectives. One more thing, the picture above is my, "Your actually going to interrupt me when I am so clearly wrapped up in this wonderful book?" look. If you see me out in public and I am reading (which I do a lot) feel free to talk to me, but this is the look your going to get. Thanks all who stop by and/or following my reviews!

Travis L. Bingaman

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